How to furnish a house in a gold color?

Your design may be decorated with gold color. Usually, this color is associated with luxury. Even a few gold details can turn your house into a royal apartment. 

Gold abstract paintings can highlight the interior and make it modern and exquisite. Putting a gold painting in the hallway or living room is the best decision. The main advantage of abstract paintings is their ability to combine with other interior decor and emphasize the shades of the design. Abstract paintings may be in 3D style and look stylishly. Also, you can put small white lamps over the painting to highlight it and add more elegance. You can be sure that such decor will look pleasant. 

What else will help to create a gold design?

There are many ways to furnish a house in gold color. You can make gold color dominant or add only a few details. This color should occupy no more than ⅓ of the space. White, black, and pink colors combine successfully with gold color. You should be careful and not combine it with bright colors, because the design will be stressful. For instance, gold color will be bad combine with bright red or green. The worst way is a combination with a silver color. One way to make a gold design is to glue wallpaper. If you decide to paint all walls into a gold color you should choose furniture in neutral colors. Curtains in gold color also can be a great attribute. However, they must belong and they are not fit into the low room. You also can choose curtains in other shades with gilded patterns to avoid oversaturation. Glass illuminators in the form of threads are popular now. You can highlight the interior by a gold mirror. It fit perfectly with other decor details and furniture. The bathroom with gold trim looks wonderful on the light walls. The kitchen is white and gold colors will look more aesthetic. The more gold elements you add to the interior, the more natural expensive materials should be in it. Therefore, you should not take risks and look for less difficult colors if you are not sure that such a kitchen fits into your budget. The bedroom should be soothing colors because there is where we sleep. For instance, a white bed, wallpapers with gold details, white bedside table, and gold lamp. Thereby, you will make a harmonious design.

This way your house will look more pleasant!

Gold is the color of aristocrats. Choose gold if you want to diversify the interior!