How to protect the VPS from hacking?

Protecting the server from hacking plays an important role. Envious competitors may want or try to hack your site to lower your rankings and become more popular. Therefore, after choosing an Internet-hosting, you should take care of its security to avoid problems with data leakage. No matter how successful your project is, data leakage can destroy your business. The DDoS-attacking is dangerous because it can extract all information from the server in a few minutes. Therefore, you need to think in advance about the hacking action plan. Host-World has collected the best tips to protect you from undesirable interference. 

How to improve server security?

Of course, you can’t be successful with just one method. There is a complex that is aimed at improving the security of your VPS hosting Latvia. Follow the tips below.

  • Regular backups will help you save your data in case of hacking when there is no turning back. We have already discussed the importance of this point. If the server is compromised, it is quite easy to restore a copy in a secure environment without an Internet connection. Don’t make a backup once every 2 months. Such saving of disk space introduces the resource into the Internet risk zone. However, creating of backup doesn’t require much effort;
  • Use only secure protocols. Many people still use FTP protocol but it is dangerous! Attackers can easily find out your secure data because the data transfer is carried out in the text. Choose a reliable SSH protocol to avoid future problems;
  • Download only the verified software. There are enough open-source products on the web that are not always secure. It is worth downloading the software only from the official sites. Any third-party sites may have malicious files;
  • Limiting servers can help you avoid the hacking problem. Close all unnecessary tabs and deactivate applications. If you work from Windows, there is no protection from hacking as on Linux systems. Therefore, you may need to configure a firewall.

Following these rules help you to avoid undesirable situations with data leakage. Learn more about VPS with!