US Immigration – Political asylum

Political asylum is a special legal status granted to a person in another country on the basis of a violation of his/her rights and freedoms at home: persecution, discrimination, genocide, physical violence.

      Note that the term “political asylum” does not mean that you can apply for it for reasons directly related to the political situation in your native country. You can ask a foreign state for protection for the following reasons: threat to life and health, persecution and discrimination based on national and racial affiliation, religion, sexual orientation, illegal actions of state bodies (for example, police inaction or refusal to protect you).

political asylum

      Refugees in the United States may receive some social and financial assistance from the state and charitable organizations: free English courses and adaptation programs, medical insurance and more. But they also have responsibilities: not to break the law, not to evade the adaptation program and, of course, not to return to their native country. In some cases you can visit your homeland – for strong reason, if you have a refugee special travel document.

      About a year after receiving political asylum, you can apply for a green card. But this is not a mandatory requirement – you can live in the States in refugee status for unlimited time. By the way, applying for political asylum and for a green card is free of charge.

      Who should I contact for help?

      Political Asylum USA helps to organize the immigration process and seek professional opportunities in the United States. We advise on visas, admission to schools and universities, job search, business organization and adaptation for those who have already moved. If you have any difficulties at any stage of immigration (starting with processing papers, ending with the search for housing), you can always contact us for help.

      If you are still in the process of studying information and choosing a destination, you can learn more about the conditions and nuances of immigration to the USA, as well as what prospects await you there.