VPS Hosting Guide: What is VPS?

Internet technologies today are becoming more widespread among the population. Every day, more and more users appear on the world wide web and, in connection with this, there are more Internet resources, such as personal websites, blogs, online stores, games, and more.

      Therefore, in order to place your website on the network you need a place. For simple projects, virtual hosting services that do not have great computing capabilities are suitable, but for a more serious project, for example, an online store, you should think about a more stable platform. For example, recently, so-called virtual dedicated servers or vps servers are widely used. Let’s look at them in more detail.

      What are the benefits of VPS from HostZealot?

      VPS emulates the operation of a real server. That is, you have one physical dedicated server, which, thanks to the emulator, is divided into several virtual ones. Unlike shared hosting, this service provides full access to the server (its emulation). That is, by ordering a VPS Cyprus from HostZealot, you get root rights, full access to the software (you can change the operating system, install the necessary programs, libraries and extensions). A virtual dedicated server also has its own IP address, ports, and routing tables. VPS is more stable compared to shared hosting and has a lower price compared to the pricing policy of dedicated physical servers. In addition to the above advantages, a virtual dedicated server has the advantage of backup. Simply make a general backup of the system, and all your data will be safe.

      Using shared hosting, you depend on the remaining customers of the company that provides this hosting. Any of them can undermine system performance and reliability. Incorrect operation of the application of one of the clients can lead to the collapse of the entire server. When using VPS, such situations are excluded because the virtual servers are isolated from each other. Virtualization software will protect your resources from the influence of “neighbors”.