Who we are?

As more and more people need a service of non-emergency medical transportation, such companies look for the best development strategy to improve their performance. Sometimes they don’t cope with everyday deals like careful scheduling, routing, or planning. In these cases, they need to look for NEMT software that will do most of the daily work in their place. The iSiTechnology is the powerful NEMT software with 15 years of successful experience. Our company is a combination of several projects, which complement each other and create a really strong system of helping NEMT companies. We believe that we can help anyone because of our approach and thinking. 

Creating the most powerful NEMT software 

The main goal of every NEMT company is to help people with disabilities and the elderly feel calm and protected. We help these companies to improve their performance. First of all, we look for a way to reduce costs. To achieve this, we must carry out a set of special measures. To begin with, we study all aspects of your company, identifying the problem. We must fill each gap to achieve success. Then we think about the best routing. We measure the capacity of each vehicle to save time spent on its selection. If the company chooses the best and shortest routes, the expenses for fuel and vehicle repairing will be lower. The next step is to create a strong system of scheduling. There is nothing worse than being late for a call because people may need urgent help. To avoid problems with scheduling, we provide access to our applications where drivers can see client’s desires, work schedule, and best ways without traffic jams. By the way, drivers can communicate with our dispatchers in real-time and we will be always careful and can help you in the case of emergency or difficulties on the road. 
After 15 years of a successful career, we got that helping NEMT companies is our favorite deal. We do what we love. The iSiTechnology helps you and makes the best strategy for your development. Contact us!