Why Get KVM VPS Hosting

Every entrepreneur running their own website wants the best service there is, so it runs fast and smooth, handling lots of sessions. Many businesses start with a simple WordPress site, which then grows and reaches wider audiences. When it gets significantly bigger, however, the time comes to switch hosting services, and not everybody is aware of it. If you’re noticing your site slowing down, handling requests worse and worse, regardless of all the optimization methods you’ve tried, read on. 

Shared Hosting vs VPS Hosting

Hosting your site on the shared server is like living in dorm. Every morning you’ve got to share your microwave oven, your kettle and sometimes even your bathroom with other neighbors. Some days you’ll get there first, some days you’ll have to wait your turn to heat up your food. The same goes for resources on the shared server – sometimes your site just doesn’t get the needed amount, because it’s taken up by others. 

VPS, on the other hand, is like a private apartment. Everything there belongs to you and you know exactly what and when you’ll be having. Much better, right?

So What Does KVM VPS Let You Do?

KVM VPS hosting is recommended as the most reliable and secure type of hosting for medium or large-sized websites. Or you can host a couple of small ones there, the choice is yours. That’s right – with this type of hosting you have direct control over your server and can tune and manage it to your taste. 

The benefits of this type of VPS hosting include:

  • no other user can access your resources
  • there’s an option to choose a dedicated IP 
  • you can manage your server directly
  • customer support will help you each step of the way

Do you need all of the above? Well, you’re running a business, then probably yes, your best decision would be investing in some good KVM VPS. It’s relatively cheap, comparing to all of the advantages you’ll be getting with it, so don’t hesitate to improve your site’s performance.